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From tailoring to tech, Levi’s brings next-gen concepts to life in Apac

Inside Retail

Huisamen is hopeful that customers will flock to the 3,400 square foot store, which features Singapore’s first in-store tailoring service and carries the widest range of premium collections and vintage clothing. Leveraging data and AI has also played a role in optimising promotions and improving inventory management.

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How to Manage Seasonal Sales and Promotions Across Multiple Locations


In fact, for brick and mortar retailers, promotions generally account for anywhere from 10% to 45% of total revenue. Understanding how to manage seasonal sales and promotions is key to running a successful store. This job of managing promotions becomes more complex when you start adding multiple locations into the mix.


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The Future of Work Includes Everyone — Tailoring Office Spaces for Neurodiversity

All Work

By providing options and flexibility in the office plan, organizations can create an environment that both welcomes and supports all individuals within, ultimately promoting their well-being, productivity, and overall job satisfaction. Workplace design plays a crucial role in promoting a positive and inclusive work environment.

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The Digital Edge: Exploring the Benefits of Digital Coaching in the Retail Industry

Retail Focus

With technology by its side, digital coaching offers tailored advice and assistance, boosting overall performance and client experience. Anticipating Needs – Retailers can predict customer needs and actively meet them through focused marketing campaigns and tailored experiences by having the benefit of real-time data and analytics.

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5 Exciting Retail Trends Revolutionising Personalised Gift Market in 2023

Retail Focus

WonderDays take gifting to the next level by offering unique and unforgettable experiences tailored to the recipient’s interests. These specialised vouchers allow you to tailor the gift to the recipient’s preferences, making it more personal than ever before. The key here is customisation.

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Why Bricks & Mortar Businesses Should Invest In Technology

Retail Focus

As a result, retailers can tailor offers to individuals to build brand loyalty through discounts on their birthdays or when they’re in the store. For example, if the weather is hot, the displays can promote beach wear and ice cream, and if it’s snowing the screens can promote warming drinks and winter clothing.

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Budweiser launches biggest FIFA World Cup™ promotion for England’s tournament down under

Retail Times

As the official sponsor of the FIFA Women’s World Cup™ and the England Football teams, Budweiser – a proud part of Budweiser Brewing Group – is launching its biggest ever Off-Trade campaign in the UK, with a whole host of tailored mechanics across the grocery and convenience channels.