Actionable insights increase return on investment in retail marketing

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The turbulent retail patterns and panic-buying of Covid-19 have changed the way Australian brands and retailers make short- and long-term strategic decisions. Powerful retail solutions are driven by genuine data-driven insight.

New York City’s Retail Market Shifting into High Gear for 2022


And for better or worse, 2021 was a most memorable year for New York retailers. Midtown’s landscape is replete with vacant storefronts once teeming with retail activity and popular restaurants. Retailers from every sector are getting back into the race.


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The role of returnable transit packaging in supporting ?the 2021 omnichannel retail market

Retail Focus

The struggles of the UK high street and the acceleration of retail sales from ‘bricks to clicks’ have never been more apparent than during the Covid-19 pandemic. Jon Walkington, Retail and System Integrator Sales Director, Schoeller Allibert UK.

Latest online spending data signals new norm for retail market, says Colliers

Retail Times

The latest data from the Office for National Statistics shows online sales, as a proportion of total retail sales, have reached 25.5% for two consecutive months (June and July 2021), which according to Colliers’ analysts marks a step-change in consumer behaviour and could signal a new norm in spending habits for the retail market.

Nearly two-thirds of US consumers welcome personalized retailer marketing, Wunderkind reports

Retail Times

which found significant gaps between brand strategy, consumer desire and the channels that best foster meaningful consumer-retailer engagement. COVID-19 has changed how consumers shop and discover brands. To shed light on the relationship between consumers and their preferred brands, Wunderkind, a leading consumer engagement platform that scales one-to-one messages for top brands, commissioned a national study of more than 2,000 consumers across the U.S.,

Latest retail marketing research reveals that ‘Generation Z’ still prefer real shops

Barber Design

According to the latest retail marketing research by IBM, ‘digital natives’ still prefer shopping in bricks and mortar stores to shopping online. Retail News

Digital Retail marketing – how can Pokemon Go entice shoppers into bricks and mortar stores?

Barber Design

Regular readers of our blog will know that we like to keep abreast of the latest trends in digital retail marketing and retail technology. It’s about how retailers get new sorts of customers to spend money they wouldn’t usually spend. How are other retailers using it?

Footfall’s coming home: independents gear up for sales rush ahead of England semi-final

Talking Retail

Independent retailers have been making the most of England’s successful run in the European championship to boost sales ahead of tonight’s semi-final against Denmark. Or just read more coverage at Talking Retail. Industry News football independent retail marketing promotion

Why Retailers Need to Introduce Text Messaging Into Their Customer Marketing Strategies


When was the last time you received a promotional text message from a retailer, restaurant or other company you opted into? Text message marketing has become increasingly popular but more so, purposeful and profitable for brands to introduce into their marketing strategies.

Casino Group partners with Accenture and Google Cloud to accelerate its digital strategy

Retail Times

Casino Group, Google Cloud and Accenture announced today a strategic collaboration to accelerate the technological developments of Casino Group, digitally transforming the leading French mass-market retail brand and the retail market as a whole.

Russians’ search for ever more convenience creates big new opportunities for retailers

Retail Times

The Russian food retail market – one of the largest in Europe with an estimated value of RUB 17.4 The latest trend driving the growth of the sector is Russians’ increasing demand for convenience shopping, with new retail champions emerging as a result.

The Art & Science of Visual Merchandising [Inside the Evolution of Retail]


to a retailer today, and the response will likely be somewhat different than the answer to that same question several years ago. That’s because the retail experience is evolving. Retail merchandising is an art and science,” according to enterprise business website

Tigerlily announces new CEO, former Esther & Co GM Travis Wright

Inside Retail

Travis Wright, former general manager of fashion online retailer Esther & Co, is taking the reins as CEO at iconic Australian swimwear brand, Tigerlily. Earlier this year, she landed the seventh spot in Inside Retail ‘s Top 50 in E-Commerce list.

Sweden’s Klarna buys influencer marketing platform

Inside Retail

Swedish payments firm Klarna said on Tuesday it had acquired influencer marketing software firm APPRL as it looked to tap into strong growth in shopping across social media channels. The post Sweden’s Klarna buys influencer marketing platform appeared first on Inside Retail.

FASHION HOUSE opens €25m outlet centre in Bucharest

Retail Focus

Situated at the exit to the A2 Cernica motorway, 25 minutes from the city centre and 45 minutes from Henri Coanda International, FASHION HOUSE Pallady is easily accessible to the City’s two million residents as well as its growing tourism market with parking provision for more than 300 vehicles.

JYSK to open two new stores in Greater Manchester

Retail Focus

The largest Danish retailer operating globally, JYSK , is set to open two new stores within the Greater Manchester region as part of its ambitious UK expansion plans. The post JYSK to open two new stores in Greater Manchester appeared first on Retail Focus - Retail Design.

Welcome to the new customer experience

Inside Retail

Consumers now expect retailers to engage them whenever and wherever they want, with a shopping experience tailored to their individual needs. To do so, marketers are leveraging more data, technologies, and channels to create this type of relevant and customised customer journey.

Retail and Restaurants in the Bronx Are Trending Up


Indeed, the area’s up and coming on the retail map, with Apple recently opening a unique store at The Mall on Bay Plaza for the first time and industrial-inspired, food-from-the-soul spots like Hudson Smokehouse popping up on Bruckner Boulevard. “I’d Retail Buzz retail buzz

Matalan reveals impact of supply chain challenges

E Delevry

In common with the broader retail market, over the last few months we have been feeling the impact of disruption within the inbound product supply chain, delaying the flow of stock into the UK and adding extra costs into the process,” says Steve Johnson, executive chairman of Matalan.

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Itching to Twitch: Inside the world of live-streaming

Inside Retail

Brad Manuel is co-founder and CEO of Livewire Group, a company that specialises in marketing within the gaming ecosystem. He believes retail marketers have overlooked gaming due to its digital nature and confusion about how a digital property can drive people into stores.

AI linked to soaring revenues during holiday retail boom

Inside Retail

Two years of unprecedented disruption to retail have brought us to a holiday season that’s sure to be dominated by e-commerce. The post AI linked to soaring revenues during holiday retail boom appeared first on Inside Retail.

Yodel invests £1 million in new sortation system at its Shaw sorting centre

E Delevry

Mike Hancox, CEO, Yodel, said: “Expanding the Merlin system to more sort centers allows us to continue responding to the demands of the growing online retail market.

Galeria Mlociny in Warsaw hosts first Primark store

Design Retail Space

Primark is entering the Polish market. Also, an exciting new brand on the Polish market. Irish retailer is counting days to the long-waited opening of its first store in Warsaw on the 20th August 2020. What news! It is Galeria Mlociny in Warsaw that hosts Primark.

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Recharge Your Digital Pricing Strategies with Data Science

Retail Focus

As other sectors, including travel and hospitality, experienced online commerce surges, the retail market shifted at a more leisurely pace. Let’s look at three ways that data science can help retailers thrive in a highly competitive multi-channel environment.

Meet Missfresh, the Chinese grocery retailer offering 30-minute delivery

Inside Retail

Speedy delivery is the name of the game for supermarket retailers all over the world right now, as major chains invest in micro fulfilment centres and explore dark stores in an effort to keep up with customers’ rising expectations during the pandemic.

Retail Trends to Watch Out For

Creative Displays Now

Those in the retail space know that how and what customers buy has changed drastically over the past decade. It’s crucial for small and large businesses throughout the retail industry to know what’s next. Here’s a look at retail market trends in 2021 and beyond.

Seko Logistics partners with recommerce specialist Reconomx to reduce cross-border returns

E Delevry

Seko Logistics is to be the launch partner for recommerce specialist Reconomx to help retail brands reduce their carbon footprints, understand the true cost of returns, and provide new in-country resale channels to bring down the estimated $100 billion a year cost of cross-border returns.

Why retail media has become the next big tool in performance marketing

Inside Retail

Retailers are sitting on a golden opportunity to create revenue streams from assets they may not even appreciate they own, let alone recognise their true value. Retailers have an unprecedented opportunity to monetise their own assets. Business Marketing Partnered Content The Pistol

Preparing for the future of online retail

Inside Retail

The e-commerce industry is growing at a rapid rate, and it’s impacting brands and retailers in numerous ways. These and other trends are pushing many retailers to innovate on the fulfilment front. And in every area, from marketing to selling to fulfilling, benchmarking will be key.

How to reach customers at the time of purchase

Inside Retail

Retail marketing has evolved over the last few years. Retailers today, not only have to adapt to this new reality but also need to understand that the new consumer journey is always connected across a multitude of devices, regardless if they’re shopping online or in-store.

Why Nike is putting used sneakers back on the shelf

Inside Retail

Nike Refurbished is just the latest secondhand initiative from a major retailer in recent months. The post Why Nike is putting used sneakers back on the shelf appeared first on Inside Retail.

SignMax brings the outside indoors with Drytac ReTac Smooth 75


Such has been the success of SignMax’s use of Drytac materials that the company is now exploring how the products can help it expand into new areas, in particular the wallpaper segment of the interior design market. “As

How this former Mercedes-Benz exec was inspired to launch her own start-up

Inside Retail

Here, we chat with the former head of marketing at Mercedes-Benz about what she learnt from the auto brand, her favourite retailers and why diversity and inclusion are at the heart of her start-up. Who are your retail business heroes and why?

Dymocks will add 20+ new stores in three-year plan

Inside Retail

Dymocks’ three-year plan will see the bookstore chain add another 20+ retail outlets to the network. He is focused on four elements to bring business to the retail chain: Growing the network from 50 to 75 stores.

The rise of livestream shopping

Inside Retail

The use of videos as part of a retail marketing strategy is a tried and tested method to catch consumers’ attention and drive sales. The Chinese retail market is leading in the livestreaming trend. The post The rise of livestream shopping appeared first on Inside Retail.

Localisation, livestreaming and logistics: How to tap into the Chinese market

Inside Retail

Before 2020, when travel was easy and diplomatic relations were cordial, I placed great emphasis on the need to build trusted relationships on the ground in China as the foundation of a successful market entry strategy. Accept that China is a very different market to the one you’re used to.

McArthurGlen opens doors to major £160 million shopping destination near Birmingham

Retail Focus

The arrival of the landmark centre is a significant moment for McArthurGlen as it marks the group’s first UK opening in over 20 years, as well as a return to the market where it introduced the concept of designer outlet retailing in Europe with Cheshire Oaks in 1995.

Retail appointments for the week

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Woolworths Group’s retail media business Cartology has announced two appointments, saying it is expanding its team to better serve its clients. He will be reporting to Jodie Koning, Cartology head of Marketing and Insights. Woolies’ Cartology expands team.

Four KPIs to capture the success of your retail loyalty program

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Retailers have a million and one metrics available to measure the success of their loyalty programs. Focusing on customer-centric data is the key to measuring the impact of your retail loyalty program. Customer retention rate (CRR) is a foundational metric for retail marketers.

Introducing Better That — a new online marketplace with a heart

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Like other online marketplaces, Better That takes a commission from all retailer sales on its platform, but unlike the competition, it donates up to 25 per cent, with a minimum of 10 per cent, of its net commission revenue to charities and community organisations.

The Pop-Up Experience

Retailing Insight

Retailers and indeed, many other brands, understand the quintessential need for unique consumer experiences which foster a human bond. Pop-ups started based on this need – think Farmer’s Markets – but they’ve quickly evolved. Articles Business flash retailing pop-up short-term spaces

EuroShop 2023 Online Exhibitor Registration Open


1 Retail Trade Fair, was last held in 2020, it was a great success even though it was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and took place immediately before the first lockdown. The pandemic has presented retailers worldwide with completely new challenges. Retail Marketing (Halls 3 + 4).

Holistic retail design


Holistic retail design is the sector’s commitment to reconfigure purchases by introducing common strategies and improving retail experiences. To understand what holistic retail design is, we must first remember the definition of retail. Clinique Retail Focus.