Social media marketing trends for 2022

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New social media platforms and trends emerge as 2021 closes in. If your business is using social media, it’s imperative to keep tabs on the ongoing and forthcoming trends to weave them into your marketing. So, what can we expect to see in 2022 for social platforms?

How Shein’s social media tactics have won over ‘eco-conscious’ Gen Z

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Vincent Djen, a manufacturing and retail expert based in China, credits Shein’s success to its social media strategy, flexible supply chain and consumer demand for the latest fashion trends at affordable prices. Social media sensation.


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HoMie launches social media campaign to end youth homelessness

Inside Retail

Pearce founded HoMie with his friends Marcus Crook and Rob Gillies in 2015 as a social enterprise to support young people experiencing homelessness. The post HoMie launches social media campaign to end youth homelessness appeared first on Inside Retail.

Local retailers advised to make better use of social media as restrictions return

Talking Retail

More than half of customers think that local retailers could make better use of social media, according to a leading insurer. This story continues at Local retailers advised to make better use of social media as restrictions return. Industry News NFU Mutual Social media

WKD kicks off festive social media campaign

Talking Retail

WKD is launching a Christmas social media campaign to “help people celebrate their friendships and reconnect with mates”. This story continues at WKD kicks off festive social media campaign.

How to Use Social Media for Small Business: 6 Simple Tips

Snap Retail

Everyone is online, making the social media platforms one of the most profitable spaces to place your business, attract new clients, meet those selling goals, and evolve. Consistency is key for starting your small business on social media, and consistency needs a plan!

Social media assets

Parker Design

A collection of social media assets that highlights Dematic’s commitment to sustainability, diversity and inclusion amongst its workforce. We filled the social media campaign with strong visuals that command attention in the busy online space.

How transphobia on social media inspired Bonds’ UnGenderwear Project

Inside Retail

The post How transphobia on social media inspired Bonds’ UnGenderwear Project appeared first on Inside Retail. It began like any other relationship between a brand and an influencer. Deni Todorovi?,

Covid-19 drives 700% jump in social media shopping in Australia

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The amount Aussies are spending through social media shopping has soared 700% over the past two years, with Gen Z and Millennials leading the way. One-in-seven Aussies make a purchase via social media at least once per month.

Petal & Pup marketing lead talks US expansion and social media tactics

Inside Retail

IR: What about social media? The post Petal & Pup marketing lead talks US expansion and social media tactics appeared first on Inside Retail.

7 Tips To Improve Your Store Sales Via Your Website And Social Media

Retail Doc

I remember when a local business group asked me to present for half a day and the focus became social media. Marketing Social Media webdesign facebook Retail Marketing Strategy

Florette joins forces with social media star this winter

Talking Retail

Bagged salad brand Florette is partnering with a social media personality to launch a winter campaign. This story continues at Florette joins forces with social media star this winter.

Jisp partners with Maybe* to help retailers boost social media engagement

Talking Retail

Jisp, the home delivery and click-and-collect app, has partnered with social media management platform Maybe* to “maximise the social support” it provides to retailers. In addition, This story continues at Jisp partners with Maybe* to help retailers boost social media engagement.

Social Media Strategy: A Case of Success

Retailing Insight

SEO & Social Media. Patchett feels social media has provided brands and companies like hers an opportunity to connect to a larger audience. “I The post Social Media Strategy: A Case of Success appeared first on Retailing Insight Magazine.

Snickers supports football sponsorship with social media campaign

Talking Retail

The “Bothlands” campaign features a short film running across social media throughout June. This story continues at Snickers supports football sponsorship with social media campaign.

6 Reasons Why Marketing Through Social Media is a Must For Every Small Business

Snap Retail

If you are a small business owner, and you still haven’t established a social media presence for your business, what have you been doing? An average person spends approximately 2 hours and 25 minutes on social media every day.

How social media filters are designed


But you probably know her best for her work creating augmented reality (AR) social media filters for some of the world’s biggest brands. ” The post How social media filters are designed appeared first on Design Week

How beauty brand Glossier went from social media darling to social outcast

Inside Retail

After news of the mass layoffs hit the media, eagle-eyed netizens noticed a number of new positions up for hire at the company were being advertised on job-seeking websites, which seemed insensitive. Social media darling no more.

What’s The Relationship Between SEO And Social Media Marketing?

Snap Retail

If you’re currently re-evaluating your company’s marketing strategy, then you’re probably already familiar with terms like search engine optimization (SEO) and of course, social media. Social media can help you rank better on SERPs.

Vestal Vodka teases rival brands with social media campaign

Talking Retail

Vestal Vodka has launched a social media campaign to “poke fun” at other rival vodka brands. This story continues at Vestal Vodka teases rival brands with social media campaign.

The Importance of Cohesive and Consistent Content for Brands Across Social Media

Retail Bound

When it comes to establishing engagement on your social media pages, you want to have as few barriers as possible. With the advent of social media in marketing efforts, brand voice is more important than ever to stand out from the multitude of digital buzz.

Swanky new social media campaign drives consumer awareness of Eldorado

Retail Times

Eldorado Tonic Wine has launched a new social media campaign as it ramps up awareness of the brand and reaches out to new and existing fans. Manufacturer news Eldorado

Sex no longer sells at OnlyFans: What does it mean for retail?

Inside Retail

The social media platform added that it will allow creators to post content containing nudity but only if it is consistent with OnlyFans’ policies. But Hill points to now-defunct social networking site Pheed which tried this nine years ago and failed.

Want the juicy goss on your customers? It’s time to use social listening

Inside Retail

Bar tracking down where your customers go for coffee and trying to eavesdrop (which we generally don’t recommend), a good way to research your market is by doing some social listening. Social listening is also a highly effective way to gather feedback on your performance.

Vaping firm launches attacks on illegal social media sites selling fake products

Talking Retail

Geek Bar, the vaping manufacturer, has continued its campaign against counterfeit suppliers by cracking down on social media sites that pretend they are official Geek Bar channels. This story continues at Vaping firm launches attacks on illegal social media sites selling fake products.

Knowledge, time and fear preventing 72% of UK independent retailers from being active on social media, Maybe* round table finds

Retail Times

Knowledge, time and fear are the key barriers preventing the 72% of UK independent retailers not active on social media on any given day from using platforms like Instagram and Facebook, even though 66% of consumers spend three hours a day on social media.

Omni Talk: Ask An Expert | Social Media’s Impact on the New Retail Landscape

Parcel Pending

The retail industry is caught in the throes of supply chain bottlenecks, labor shortages, and material scarcity – all while consumers are really starting to embrace social media for online shopping. The Gap Between Inspiration and Conversion on Social Media.

Gen Z consumers reveal they don’t trust shopping on social media, and prefer social shopping IRL

Retail Times

Given Gen Z’s affinity with technology and online spaces, it’s easy to assume that this demographic of consumers will only buy their clothes online… But that’s not the case. Data Time Research Gen Z

Social creatures: How Alya Skin built their brand on Instagram

Inside Retail

Since launching Alya Skin in 2018, Manny Barbas and James Hachem have leveraged the power of social media to bring their brand to the world. Here, the founders share their social media secrets and the new platforms that are proving fruitful for the brand.

Klarna launches experiential consumer activation in Manchester to educate on social media advertising guidelines

Retail Times

Klarna, the leading global banking, payments and shopping service, is launching an experiential activation in the heart of Manchester to raise awareness amongst consumers and inuencers regarding social media advertising guidelines.

Why Social Media Matters to Brands

Retailing Insight

According to an article published in Social Media Today , Toronto-based web design company Branex includes visual storytelling as one its five tips to increase brand awareness and grow business using social media.

Westfield hands over shop windows to social media brands that originated as side hustles in 2020 to support SMEs

Retail Times

In support of the capital’s creatives thriving through the pandemic, Westfield London and Westfield Stratford City are hosting social media brands that originated as side hustles in 2020 to support small business as non-essential retail re-opens.

Social media marketing tips for the snowy season

Firefly Store Solutions

However, there is one handy tool that can help you out tremendously when it seems like fewer people are out shopping in the snow: Social media. Here are some quick and effective tips for social media marketing during the winter – and beyond.

Farewell, filters: Why brands aren’t worried about new photo editing laws

Inside Retail

Tim Hill, co-founder and CEO at social analytics platform Social Status, believes the move is a “decent band-aid to a very complex problem” that influencer marketing faces. “We This] relates more broadly to the mother of all challenges for social networks – moderation.

First Bottega Veneta, then Lush. Why brands are quitting social media

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They both quit social media this year. And they are just the latest examples of major businesses rethinking their use of social media in recent years. Over a year later, Patagonia continues to boycott the social media giant.

How beauty brands are powering growth on Tiktok

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Good Molecules and CeraVe — have leveraged to attract content creators and consumers on 2021’s hottest social media platform. s Camo CC Cream following its December 2020 debut, other content creators rushed to try out the new release, resulting in conversation across social platforms.

Social media stars enter world’s first food creator house in project devised by plant-based brand, Squeaky Bean

Retail Times

Seven UK social media stars have this week entered the Squeaky House, the world’s first food creator house – a multi-million pound mansion on the Jurassic Coast in Dorset.

Analysis: The many faces of social commerce in China

Inside Retail

These tactics also highlight the influence and impact social media has on creating and converting demand. Also common on social media feeds are people sharing the adventurous behavior of shoppers, as push turns to shove in order to get hold of items that fit.

The surprising impact Apple’s latest update has had on Facebook campaigns

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By aggregating our clients’ data across 100 accounts, we have been able to discover the impact to over $2 million worth of media spend in the first two months of the update. However, there are promising signs that marketers can still have a measurable impact using social giants like Facebook.

VIDEO: The marketing secrets behind Pupnaps, The Oodie and Calming Blanket

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Business Marketing Professional Video social media marketingAdelaide friends and dog owners Jye de Zilva and Davie Fogarty joined forces in 2019 to launch their own passion project Pupnaps, a line of calming dog beds designed to reduce anxiety, stress and improve sleep quality in dogs.

A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media Marketing for Trade Shows

Trade Show Booth Companies - Trade Group

Social media (SM) and live events are a match made in marketing heaven. Choose your social media platform. And also, refer to the information in the “choose your social media platform” for the best publishing times.

How voice is forcing brands to rethink social targeting

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Just a few short months after talk of audio-based platform Clubhouse lit up news feeds across social media, Facebook has taken the plunge into audio, last week announcing a range of new products to challenge the newcomer. Social media is completely dominated by news feeds.

Facebook Meta changing the way small businesses market themselves

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Even though half a million users have left the platform in the past three months, Facebook remains one of the biggest social media platforms in the market. E-commerce Latest Marketplace Pureplay Top Stories facebook Meta social media marketing