VK re-brands in time for students return to study

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The re-brand, which aims to clearly define each flavour of the drink, has been timed to coincide with Freshers weeks at UK universities, because students are one of the key target markets for the brand.

Former L’Oréal Australia MD goes all in on natural skincare

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As general manager of skincare, Tucker will be responsible for developing and bringing to market 8 Seeds, a new line of skincare products containing hemp seed oil, which is purported to have anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits.


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Her Black Book raises $1.6 million three months after launch

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Their attitude, grit and deep understanding of the target market makes this business highly scalable and a company to watch.”. Premium fashion shopping app, Her Black Book, has bagged $1.6

Shopify brings social commerce to Pinterest Australia

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The partnership will enable Australian businesses to easily bring products to Pinterest and make them shoppable, and allows market-specific feeds, meaning the discovery platform can be used as an online catalogue for brands to show off different products in different markets.

Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses looks to expand drive-thru model

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The target market is likely to be aligned to the Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse brand. Family-owned Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse has launched its first drive-thru bakery, in South Morang, Victoria.

“It’s working”: Kathmandu unveils next step in radical redesign

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Part of our strategic process was to look at over 30 international brands, and we realised that outdoor is a very competitive market, but it’s not very differentiated. They all tended to be quite hyper-masculine [in their marketing], with people climbing mountains and such.

Innovate or die: How brands can create impact

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Companies are under a lot of pressure to ensure their products are sourced ethically and meet the sustainability guidelines that are now becoming commonplace in most global markets. The marketing mix to target this segment is also wildly different from conventional tactics.

Goobne Chicken, the hot new Korean chain, plans six stores in 12 months

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Further store openings will be available as franchises and the goal over the next 12 months is to open another six new quick service restaurant locations across Sydney with suburbs such as Epping, Chatswood and Strathfield target markets.

AuMake ends FY21 down $7.8m, hopeful for new year

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It is not uncommon for a WeChat user [in Asia] to have in excess of 5,000 people in their address book, providing brands with a cost effective yet sizeable and scalable channel to grow their presence in the Asian market.”.

How small business owners can love payment solutions

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The target market for these products will be found within the product’s Target Market Determination at www.commbank.com.au/tmd. Terminals and payment solutions are key for every small business, but with complex costings and connectivity issues, can you really love them?

How to manage the cultural divide in the workplace

Inside Retail

Adapting to the culture of a new market isn’t just about switching up your packaging or rebranding your company’s name so that it works overseas, although these things are important. Here are three tips to help you bridge the gap between your culture and the culture of your target market.

The Art & Science of Visual Merchandising [Inside the Evolution of Retail]


The growing complexity of the retail environment includes challenges posed by digital commerce, non-stop social media commentary, globalization of retail markets and shoppers empowered with hand-held supercomputers called smartphones. Pose the question “what is visual merchandising?”

The role of small gifts in customer loyalty

Retail Focus

Whilst this is a crucial aspect of marketing, it’s equally important to ensure that you are retaining your existing customers as well. There are many different ways in which you can develop a loyal customer following for your business.

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Meet Sugar: The “anti-establishment” beauty retailer Indian consumers crave

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India’s beauty and personal care market is projected to reach US$21 billion in 2025, and the rising adoption of online shopping and greater product penetration in secondary cities are also contributing to the market’s enlargement.

Indian vegan beauty brand Pilgrim reveals what’s next after raising US$1.6m

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The brand has several exciting projects in the works, including the launch of its latest “Tea Tree” range for acne and blemish-prone skin, the development of a mobile-friendly app and a possible expansion into the Middle East and select Western markets.

Five Very Common Online Marketing Mistakes


Together with it, online marketing is improving. Unfortunately, the rate of evolution for online marketing was so high that we see so many common mistakes that are done literally every single day. . Misunderstanding The Target Market. All Posts consumer marketing

Indonesian designers discuss the rise of modest fashion at NYFW

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Widiastuti noted that streetwear brand Erigo X manages to integrate modesty into its designs, while still keeping things sexy and appealing to its target market: Gen Z and Millennials.

Does Your Trade Show Program Suffer from Bad Branding? 

Trade Show Booth Companies - Trade Group

A good brand resonates with its target audience and encourages their loyalty by addressing and solving their needs, eventually turning them into brand ambassadors. A bad brand does not resonate with its target market. Do you have a favorite potato chip?

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Retail Innovation Roundup: 9 Trends and Technologies That are Changing How Consumers Shop

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Whether it’s curbside pick up, cause based marketing, or social shopping — the way retailers are doing business is rapidly evolving. Cause based marketing. Another trend running in tandem with user-centric and convenient shopping experiences is cause based marketing.

What investors want: The four e-commerce metrics that matter most

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With e-commerce businesses, the platforms we use to facilitate online business such as Shopify, various apps and software that directly integrate with the platform and performance marketing tools, give us real-time insight into the analytics and metrics that matter.

Barnes & Noble Adds “Banned Books” Section to Stores, Website


Nicola Kinsella, SVP Global Marketing of Fluent Commerce, commented on Retail Wire ’s article to applaud the bookseller’s opportunism. “It’s It’s a great marketing move by B&N. And B&N knows its target market.

How to include disability in your advertising – without getting cancelled

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Therefore, it would make sense to include disabled talent in order to capture the attention of that additional 20 per cent market share. A surprising number of brands fall short when it comes to considering the customer experience their target market enjoys from them.

Culture Kings CEO Simon Beard talks Vegas, male shoppers and growth

Inside Retail

We recently spoke with Culture Kings founder and CEO Simon Beard about the store and what it will take to crack the US market. The US is a much bigger market, and I knew for us to crack it, you can’t half-arse it. We pick our market and then really just try and resonate with it.

Analysis: Why rethinking demographics leads to better segmentation

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Segmentation is core to many marketing functions. In fact, it is one of the first things we teach in undergraduate marketing courses, as part of the segmentation-targeting-positioning (STP) process we teach as an introduction to marketing strategy.

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Maximizing the marketing value of the store

Mike Anthony

The article argues that physical retail is important because it plays a marketing role. Stores have marketing value for your brands. The marketing value of a store is nothing new. Stores are marketing and sales channels. a marketing role and a sales channel.

What’s on Levi’s agenda? Sustainability, supply chain and empowering people

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A shift towards manufacturing hubs that are closer to major markets will be preferred, as opposed to conventional low cost manufacturing hubs that require global shipping and logistics, Bergh explained.

From Ralph Lauren to Patagonia: How to build an aspirational economy

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US branding and marketing agency Creative Mischief recently created quite an online sensation by making 999 electronic copies of an Andy Warhol painting that they acquired, so online bidders had no idea if they were getting the original or a copy.

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Why fit in when you were born to stand out

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Niche sites also know a target market inside and out, making it easier to solve (and evolve) customer needs and meet their demands. And when it comes time to get the word out, it’s easier to reach out and market to a well-defined target audience.

5 Tips for a Successful Retail Product Launch

Retail Bound

If you’re launching a new product into the retail market, there are a few things you need to do to ensure a successful product launch. From doing your research to creating a strong marketing plan, follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to success. Create a Strong Marketing Plan.

Analysis: Why Abercrombie & Fitch’s turnaround has not been cancelled

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However, A&F’s recent financial figures and strategy actually show a brand that is firmly in recovery mode, with a focus on more on-point marketing messaging and fewer stores, as sales are shifted to its digital channels. . Abandonment of sexualised marketing.

Onboarding: the hidden edge in the fight for talent

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Given how competitive the current job market is, it’s crucial to ensure your new starters have an engaging onboarding process. There’s no shortage of media commentary about the staffing challenges employers are facing this year.

All that glitters: The future of lab-grown diamonds

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This confusion works in favour of the diamond simulant/crystal market. IR: What are your plans for Futurae Diamonds and who is your target market? It’s been a rollercoaster for the fine jewellery industry, with the slow return of weddings and the rise of sustainable options.

Turbocharge Your Trade Show Program with this 5-Step Method for Selecting the Right Shows  

Trade Show Booth Companies - Trade Group

Are you confronted with doubts and internal opposition about how productive your trade show marketing program is going to be for your business? Did you know the two biggest challenges ANY marketing coordinator faces about trade shows are… Not being able to cope with rising costs and.

Turbocharge Your Trade Show Program with 5-Step Method for Selecting the Right Shows  

Trade Show Booth Companies - Trade Group

Are you confronted with doubts and internal opposition about how productive your trade show marketing program is going to be for your business? Did you know the two biggest challenges ANY marketing coordinator faces about trade shows are… Not being able to cope with rising costs and.

When is the right time to scale? Three indications you might be ready

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It could be that it’s the right time to invest in external expertise in growing and marketing your business brand so that you can build brand awareness amongst new customers and potential retailers.

The next Who Gives a Crap? Meet subscription sheet service Sheetly

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We believe that is the dominant target market,” Wendy Rattray, Sheetly’s founder and CEO, told Inside Retail. According to market research that Sheetly conducted prior to launching, 100 per cent of people interviewed said they don’t wash their sheets as regularly as they’d like.

A taste of home: The rise of expat retailers

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British expats are the key target market of online grocery store British Corner Shop, which services over 150 countries around the globe with over 10,000 popular products, from Marmite to McVities. The business also gets customers involved in its marketing. For the estimated 87.5

5 Must-Have Products to Advertise Your Business for 2022

Retail Minded

It can be as simple as word of mouth, especially if you are in the neighbourhood lemonade business, but the bigger and more widespread your business, the more complex your advertising campaign will need to be to ensure the correct level of market penetration.

What Is Visual Merchandising?

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Visual merchandising is a marketing practice that retailers and consumer products companies use to capture people’s attention so they’re more likely to purchase something. Since then, the market has become saturated with competition. Target Market.

Space Illumination

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The correct lighting will create an atmosphere that reflects your brand, showcases your products, and appeals to your target market – all helping to increase sales. Image Source: Stephen Young. Space Illumination will make or break your selling environment.

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Listen up: Why Mecca is tuning in to the world of podcasting

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We’re really leaning on the talent and the authenticity of our store team members and platforming it in our podcast,” said chief marketing officer Kate Blythe. Business Health & beauty Latest Marketing Professional Sectors Top Stories Adore Beauty Chanel Dior Mecca podcast

College Entrepreneurship: 10 Helpful Tips for Starting Your Online Store

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Find a Definite Market. Emphasizing and putting yourself in your customers’ shoes is essential for e-commerce marketing. Another effective marketing that you can use in your arsenal is social media. You can integrate various social media tools into your marketing strategy.

Why cosmetics-maker Atelier is launching ‘shark tank’ for beauty brands

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We’ve been in this industry for about three-and-a-half years now, and we’re very fortunate enough to have grown a company that can provide support not just to our market, but to the people inside of it.”.