Barber Design review of the year 2018

Barber Design

We’ve had another great year at Barber Design and this week we are taking some time to reflect on some of our achievements over the last 12 months. At the beginning of the year we worked with the AW Rostamani Group to redevelop the branding identity for their Dubai-based lifestyle brand Apartment 51.

6 Reasons Why Engineering and Design Firms Make Good Construction Managers

CTM Design

The municipality has approved the facility and site design for your gas station, convenience store, restaurant or retail space. Construction can begin! The next step is to hire a Construction Manager to act as your eyes, ears and a quality control person.


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Industry Shake-Up: 2023 Commerce Trends To Rock Your World

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A Puzzle Piece to Success

Retail Works Inc

A big piece of the puzzle of success in retail is enhancing merchandise with interesting and “better than average” display props. It began as a simple idea, to create oversized puzzle pieces and have two pieces fit together.

Visual Creations Inc. In House Company Horseshoe Competition!


It was a beautiful summer day here in Pawtucket RI as employees competed against each other, in our own horseshoe pit! The post Visual Creations Inc. In House Company Horseshoe Competition! appeared first on Rose Displays. VCI Culture

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Space 43

Bobby Berk

Amsterd Ammodern

Bobby Berk, the designer from everyone's favorite recent reboot 'Queer Eye,' dropped by with The LA Times a couple weeks ago. It was so much fun to hear how he relies on us for design inspiration and unique vintage finds he can't find anywhere else.

Other 60

SVG Summit 2018

Design Republic

Design Republic’s own Neil Tucker will be a panelist for the upcoming SVG Summit, Monday December 10th. His panel will be discussing the importance of upfront coordination in control room design. “As video-control rooms expand in both size and scope, the amount of coordination and coordinated effort required increases in both importance and complexity.

Happy new year!


Its official, 2019 is here! And the celebration of the new year is a focus we wanted to take. not what happens for the next year, not reminisce on what happened the last but the celebration for celebration’s sake! party to be happy and happy to party!


How to Address the Needs of the Next Generation of e-Commerce Customers

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Join Jenn VandeZande, Beth Scott, Nikki Grigsby and Levana Wang for this insightful and topical conversation on the modernization of e-commerce tech.

Black Friday 2018 – how did retailers fare with our new shopping tradition this year?

Barber Design

Latest figures reveal that Brits might still not be on board with the American shopping tradition of ‘Black Friday. Despite turning out in force, a survey by Barclaycard revealed that they were buying more items but spending less over all.

Q20's retail design work with adidasGolf

Quarter 20

Our PGA SiS Featured in Adidas Shop in Shop! Big "Thanks!" to Shop! praising our shop-in-shop pad we did for adidasGolf! We had the great opportunity to heighten the experience for adidasGolf at Downers Grove's PGA Super Store.

Some more pictures from Angels in the Dubai Mall

Barber Design

This week we have a few more pictures from our new retail design for Angels kidswear in Dubai Mall. You can read more about this project in our previous blog post. The post Some more pictures from Angels in the Dubai Mall appeared first on Barber Design. Barber News

Angels Kidswear  – a retail design for AW Rostamani Group in Dubai

Barber Design

Last week our new retail design store concept for Angels Kidswear opened in the Dubai Mall, in Dubai. This project has been the latest development from our partnership with Dubai-based AW Rostamani Group to create a new brand identity and flagship store concept for their Angel’s kidswear brand.

Sustainability at Retail

As part of a global Sustainability at Retail initiative, Shop! worked collaboratively with its global affiliates to address critical environmental issues, outlined in this white paper.

Barber in Cannes – and Sherwood Forest

Barber Design

Last week we had a few exciting developments as some of our team headed to Cannes for the TFWA Conference, whilst back here in Britain the £5m Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre – featuring our retail design work – opened in Nottinghamshire. Barber in Cannes.

What are hyper-local store concepts and can they really save bricks-and-mortar retail?

Barber Design

In the news this week, we read that data-driven hyper-local store concepts are now being touted as the new saviour of bricks-and-mortar retail – but what do we mean by hyper-local? And does it really work?

Barber listed as one of the Top 50 Retail Design Agencies

Barber Design

Exciting news in the Barber office this week as both our business and our retail design work have been recognised and rewarded. We have just been listed as one of the Top 50 Retail Design Agencies in the world by Insider Trends.

The Importance of Design in Healthcare


“Form follows function”. Just as the architect Louis Sullivan declared, so modern designers should always consider the intended use of the space before beginning the design process. When considering the design of healthcare facilities, three important areas stand out. First Impressions.

Color 52

Clicks and mortar retail – can social media help the high street?

Barber Design

This week we’re taking a look at the burgeoning trend for clicks and mortar retail. Regular readers of our blog will know that the popularity of the internet and smart technology has prompted some retailers to take another look at how they sell – both in physical and virtual stores.

Barber retail design for the new Sherwood Forest visitor centre

Barber Design

Next month a consortium of partners, led by the RSPB, will be assuming guardianship of Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire.

Flow 52

Barber design Anoela cards first physical store in Lagos

Barber Design

We’ve been very busy recently with many international clients including Anoela cards. Anoela are a Nigerian-based online greeting cards company with a website that sells a variety of fun, quirky, creative greeting cards for everyone and every occasion.

Gifts 52

The use of scent in retail – can aroma save the high street?

Barber Design

According to a recent article on the PSFK website , the use of scent in retail or ‘scent marketing’ is about to revolutionise the customer experience. Retailers are looking to capitalise on the power of smell in store – to boost shopper’s mood, feeling and awareness of their environment.

Shopper Brain Conference

Retail Works Inc

Our President, Lyn Falk, spoke at the Shopper Brain Conference in New York City Thursday, June 7th. The Shopper Brain Conference is an exclusive event providing participants with a deeper understanding of the intersection of retail and consumer neuroscience.

Neocon: 50 Years of Tomorrow’s Designs

Retail Works Inc

Last week, our design team traveled to Chicago, IL for the 50th edition of NeoCon. NeoCon is the world’s leading platform and most important event of the year in the commercial design industry.

Space 52

The best and worst high street retailers 2018

Barber Design

Last week a survey by Which? magazine hit the headlines as they named the best and worst high street retailers according to shoppers. More than 10,000 people participated in the survey, answering questions regarding their experience at 100 major high street stores. Sad news for WHSmith.

Travel retail design project visuals for Flemingo Duty Free

Barber Design

This week we are pleased to be able to reveal some visuals for our travel retail design project for Flemingo Duty Free at Macau International Airport in China. This is the second time we have worked with Flemingo.

Doug moderates a panel at the Retail Design Expo 2018

Barber Design

Last week the Barber team attended the Retail Design Expo in London where Doug was honoured to be moderating a panel discussion on ‘New Store Formats’. The panellists were Emma Gullick, senior 3D designer for Phoenix Wharf and Caroline Philipson, Head of Store Development for Ann Summers.

Is retail really dying? Or do retailers just need to up their game?

Barber Design

This week we read an interesting article by Alex Sbardella , which proclaimed that Retail ISN’T dying – but retailers are. As ‘Retail Apocalypse’ gains its own Wikipedia entry, and high profile UK chains continue to drop like flies – is this assertion really correct?

Barber News – Doug to Chair Panel at Retail Design Expo – and Apartment 51 website now live

Barber Design

Next month the Barber Design team will be heading to Olympia in London for the Retail Design Expo. We are really looking forward to meeting up with lots of clients and fellow designers and checking out what is new in the world of retail design at this world-class event.

Recent work by Barber – including a new store design for Neal’s Yard in Sheffield

Barber Design

We have been very busy in the first quarter of the year. Here are some of the store design and branding projects that we have been working on: These photographs are of our latest store design for Neal’s Yard Remedies at Meadowhall in Sheffield.

UK Retailers sign up for Retail Sustainability Initiative

Barber Design

This week more than 25 UK retailers announced that they have signed up for a special retail sustainability initiative, pledging to ‘lead the fight’ in sustainability with a raft of proposals designed to tackle many global sustainability challenges recently defined by the UN.

Half of UK retailers still lack digital retail strategy

Barber Design

According to figures published by technology company Fujitsu last week , more than half of UK retailers don’t have a formal digital retail strategy in place for their business, despite many indications that there is growing consumer demand for change in this area.

The See-Now-Buy-Now approach and why it is good for retailers

Barber Design

Social media has enabled consumers to become more engaged with retailers than ever before – but this is not without it’s problems.

Checking out before the checkout – why are mobile shoppers abandoning their carts?

Barber Design

Surprising new research released at the beginning of this month suggests that some mobile shoppers are still wary about using their smartphone or tablet to make purchases online.