Optimizing Frontend Delivery in Composable Commerce: The Buy vs Build Decision

Composable Commerce Reference Architecture 2024 Edition

Achieve more with your commerce with the help of Orium’s Composable Commerce Reference Architecture 2024 Edition. Presented in partnership with commercetools, Contentstack, and Google Cloud, this edition is packed with new insights and practical examples to help you navigate changes in digital commerce and construct an adaptable tech stack optimized for efficiency and scalability.

The Pragmatic Guide to Composability

Be empowered to master the digital landscape and implement modular and adaptable composable technologies. Authored by Orium, The Pragmatic Guide to Composability takes readers on a journey from composable’s beginnings to common misconceptions about the approach, then concludes with strategies for choosing implementations that result in quick wins to grow your ROI.

From Concept to Deployment: Building Commerce Storefronts with Composable UI

Get MACH Ready with Orium, Commercetools, and Contentstack

From Data to Decisions: Maximizing Retail Potential With AI

Discover how retailers are transforming data into actionable insights for growth. By leveraging data and analytics to their potential, retailers can enhance decision-making, improve customer experiences, and streamline operations to stay ahead of the competition. From Data to Decisions: Maximizing Retail Potential With AI, authored by Orium, commercetools, and Google Cloud, demonstrates how businesses can unify and activate data across the tech stack to achieve retail excellence and create growt

Get MACH Ready: Preparing Your Business for Digital Transformation

Adopting MACH technology means more than implementing new platforms. This type of digital change affects your organization at every level and requires a thoughtful approach to navigate challenges that crop up. The Get MACH Ready report, co-authored by MACH Alliance member Scott Canney in collaboration with Orium, commercetools, and Contentstack, will provide you with strategies to prepare your organization for a digital transformation.

The Personalization Playbook: 2024 Strategies

Did you know—74% of IT leaders are looking to improve their tech stack to offer better personalization? It’s impossible to ignore the importance of personalization, but it comes with challenges. How do you do it with a tight budget? What about customer privacy and the use of data? The Personalization Playbook is packed with research and insights from Orium, Talon.One, and Bloomreach and gives IT leaders answers to these tough questions, helping them shape 2024 strategies for personalization.

Planning the Architecture of Your Modular DXP

Are you considering moving away from a monolith platform and over to composable architecture? Join experts from Google Cloud, GroupBy, and Orium as they discuss the benefits of moving to a modular digital experience platform. In this masterclass, uncover key indicators that show your brand is ready for a modular DXP, and learn how to lay the foundation for composable commerce.

Retail's Next Frontier: Exploring and Proving the Value of AI

AI is everywhere. It’s in customer service interactions, product recommendations, marketing outreach, and yes, even commerce experiences. But not every use of AI provides the same value to your brand. In this masterclass, experts from Constructor, commercetools, Contentstack, and Orium discuss how AI can complement your composable tech stack and help bring in immediate ROI.

The MVP Mindset: Speed Time to Value and ROI

Composable commerce is built for complexity, but you don’t have to tackle everything at once to start seeing the benefit of a modular build. This masterclass will look at how to get solutions launched and performant in less time and with less disruption than you may expect. In this session, BigCommerce, Bold, Contentful, and Orium dig into the complexity of composable commerce and extract the straightforward solutions you can implement today to deliver value quickly and start building your path

Product Discovery: Enabling Search Outside the Box

Go beyond the basics with Algolia and Orium to explore the elements of search-and-discover you can leverage to create an optimized brand experience that delivers the right products at the right time, engaging customers throughout their shopping journeys. Surfacing the right product at the right time sounds simple, but the complexity of a modern retail environment means it’s anything but.

Modernizing Frontend Experiences: A Step-function Toward Greater Composability

Frontend experience can make or break the customer journey. For many brands the idea of modernizing frontend experience is a dream too large, as they imagine the years-long project of extracting their digital operations from legacy all-in-one platforms where experience and commerce functionality are tightly combined. But moving to a composable commerce platform doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing endeavor, and it doesn’t have to be a years-long undertaking.

Omnichannel Personalization: From In-Store to Online and Everything in Between

What does a truly successful omnichannel personalization strategy look like? To actually work as they’re supposed to, omnichannel experiences require tightly integrated customer and operations experiences. Explore the building blocks of personalization across channels and touchpoints in this masterclass, featuring real-world examples of how to apply a customer-centric lens to drive business outcomes for your brand.

Deploying High-Performance Headless Commerce Frontends

Want to lift conversion rates and reduce bounce rates? Focus on frontend performance. Frontend performance is a critical factor in customer experience. In composable systems, data comes from a variety of sources, so how you assemble your architecture directly impacts the performance of the frontend experience. Modern approaches like streaming from the edge can enable you to deliver faster responses, giving customers an experience that moves at the speed they want.

The "Multi" Problem in Omnichannel Commerce

Modern retail is complex, but composable commerce can help brands navigate that complexity successfully. Operating in multiple geographies, handling multiple currencies, leveraging multiple brands, exploring multiple business models… These are just some of the complicated realities facing modern brands. In this masterclass, Julie Mall from Elastic Path and Thomas Mulreid from Orium take a deep dive into the many elements at play in commerce today, looking at what the term “multi” means and break

Evaluate Total Cost of Ownership in the Composable Commerce Era

Your old methods of evaluating total cost of ownership don’t work anymore. Total cost of ownership, or TCO, is important to understand when making the switch to a composable commerce architecture. But composable commerce is a complete paradigm shift in how eCommerce businesses operate, and understanding the cost implications of that requires a shift too.

Making Integration Easier with Composable Commerce

Composable commerce allows a company to build a system that works for its specific needs. This concept is spreading to a wide range of domains, with retail arguably the most beneficial. In this episode, you’ll hear from an expert in the composable commerce realm, Jason Cottrell, Founder and CEO of Orium.

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