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Design Trends for 2023

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As the year comes to a close, we look forward to the new design trends that will shape our future interiors. Trade shows have given us sneak peek into finishes and furnishings, but here is a more in depth look at what to expect according to Interior Design Magazine. Work and life are intermixing.

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Every season we watch interior design trends come and go, much like the cyclical trends in apparel. Once again, this year we are seeing several trends fading away while some old trends from years past are coming back to life. Unlike other trends, nature-inspired spaces are here to stay.


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7 Gorgeous Outdoor Umbrellas for Your Commercial Space

Mindful Design

Summer is the perfect time for your customers to enjoy your outdoor area, but battling the harsh sun and elements can be a challenge. If your business has such a space, outdoor umbrellas are a must.

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Concrete Paver Applications in Indoor and Outdoor Design

Mindful Design

Despite their humble name, concrete pavers may surprise you with their excellent ability to completely change the look of the outdoor or indoor areas of your business. The post Concrete Paver Applications in Indoor and Outdoor Design appeared first on Mindful Design Consulting.

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Using Movable Outdoor Partitions for Restaurant Privacy

Mindful Design

Restaurants, cafes and desert shops with an outdoor area, especially the ones located on a busy street, have the additional challenge of separating their space from the public one. Enter the movable outdoor partitions that solve the problem and bring in a few additional and significant benefits.

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Top 10 Corporate Office Design Trends in 2022

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If so, here are the latest commercial office design trends and ideas to note: #1 More Informal Conversational Areas. Hot desking has taken center stage as an office design trend. Designing the Hybrid Office. Corporate Office Interior Design Trends [2022]. Paint & Color Trends 2022.

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Designing Luxurious Living Spaces: The Latest Trends

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Indoor-outdoor living spaces are also a popular choice, with homeowners opting for large sliding glass doors, covered patios, and outdoor kitchens to create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living. Sustainability: is another key trend in house design.

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