Types of Retail Store Layouts

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Both drawing up a retail store design from scratch and revamping an existing store layout require a basic understanding of the retail store layout options available to you. What Is a Retail Store Layout? Why Does the Layout of a Store Affect Product Sales?

10 years since the EPIC Rugby World Cup promotional graphics…


We can hardly believe it has been 10 years since the Rugby World Cup was held in New Zealand and we first saw these fantastic promotional graphics using Contra Vision Performance® White on Black in 30% transparency.


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How to Create a Retail Store Interior: 6 Tips to Attract More Buyers

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If you want to be strategic about your retail store’s layout, you must consider paving a path for your customer. Once they share it on social media, it can be like free promotion. Insight / Promotional

How to Create a Profitable Trade Show Program

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From there, continue your research by… Visiting the shows’ website Downloading their prospectus if they have one Rea their “why exhibit” section Interview show management, asking them about latest show stats, their outreach/advertising and promotions to attract new attendees.

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23 Simple Steps for a Profitable Trade Show Program

Trade Show Booth Companies - Trade Group

From there, continue your research by… Visiting the shows’ website Downloading their prospectus if they have one Rea their “why exhibit” section Interview show management, asking them about latest show stats, their outreach/advertising and promotions to attract new attendees.

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Aldi tops Australia supermarket rankings, yet again

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Canstar’s latest supermarket review asked more than 2600 consumers about their grocery buying experience across major Australian chains, and Aldi scored highest not just in overall satisfaction rating but also in the quality of produce, store layout, and value for money.

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How to Design an Award-Winning POP Display

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From materials and branding to layout and packaging, we’ll share everything you need to know to create a display that grabs attention and makes sales. We recommend clean layouts that highlight the product.

Inside Aldi’s new Sydney Corner Store urban grocer concept

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The Corner Store’s layout differs from other Aldi stores in Australia with simple navigation and self checkouts. Aldi says its new Corner Store concept just opened in North Sydney will make it faster and more convenient for city customers to shop for supplies.

How to Design a Furniture Showroom That Converts


As retail grows more competitive, a clean, well-considered store layout can easily mean the difference between gaining a sale or losing one. Why does the design and layout of your store matter? A good layout increases the odds of conversions.

A Guide to Cash Wraps & The New Retail Experience


They can be used to leverage last-minute sales, push marketing and promotional content, and to offer customers add-on services. Therefore, retailers need to be mindful of their cash wrap design, layout and features so they can provide everything a customer might need or want, such as.

Visual Merchandising Checklist


Sandwich boards are in good repair and feature current promotion (if applicable). Window displays are rotated according to the organization’s seasonal calendar and promotional events. STORE Interior Layout. Customer traffic flow is aided by store layout.

7 Tips for Inspirational Work Space Design

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Casual gathering spaces in your office design layout can promote mental health and wellness for your employees who are burning the candle at both ends to keep up with their workflow. We all want to make our mark with a rewarding career that has purpose.

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Visual Merchandising: What It Is And Why It’s Important?


There are dozens of possible applications for window designs , in-store and outside of it, and Contra Vision’s one-way vision window graphics can help you make the most out of your promotional space. What is Visual Merchandising?

10 Ways To Maximize Wellbeing And Productivity Through Workplace Design

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Pops of red energize the Novità office and help to promote detail-oriented work. When designing the layout of a workspace, take into account sunlight. feet (intimate) promote a stronger connection between individuals.

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How to Make Your Furniture Store Easier to Navigate


Design a functional layout with no overcrowding. When designing your furniture store layout , you must allow your customers the freedom to browse your store as much as they would like. To that end, choose a layout that allows them to easily access the different parts of your store.

Flexible Office Spaces: What Are the Benefits?

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Flexible working promotes a healthy work -life balance as employees can set their own schedules to accommodate other obligations, such as doctors’ appointments and caring for family members (like children).

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The Best Ways to Optimize Your Checkout Counter Space

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Why Promote Products at a Checkout Counter Space? It Promotes an Engaging Experience. Plan the layout of your point of purchase display carefully to avoid creating clutter around store checkout lines. Checkout counters are a valuable area in the retail industry.

3 Types of Retail Millwork that Elevate Your In-Store Shopping Experience

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Visual merchandising is the art of optimizing the various elements within the store, from the layout, ambiance, to displays to promote interest towards a purchase. . When it comes to enhancing in-store shopping experiences, visual merchandising is essential.

Here are 10 Flexible Furnishings for Multi-purpose Transformational Spaces

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Flexible workspaces feature creative desk layouts, and they generally feature an open plan work environment if multiple employees are involved. . The traditional layout of office spaces is being challenged.

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6 Advantages of Investing in Custom Branded Wooden Crates


Whether you’re promoting sale items or engaging customers with impulse purchases at check-out, wooden crates can highlight your products and make them more appealing. Custom wooden crates and displays are a form of high-quality promotional material that will serve you well for years to come.

3 searchandising strategies for 2022

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The actual page layout can be whatever fits your brand, but the products displayed on the page can be curated for each campaign or personalised for visitors (as I’ll show below). However, what if you have five or 10 items that could be promoted in a certain category.

Preparing for Your New Custom Exhibit

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After all, an exhibit that promotes the wrong merchandise is not especially useful. Marketing collateral, such as brand strategies and product campaigns and promotional, sales, and marketing collateral. How do you know when it’s time for a new custom exhibit?

Affordable luxury: A look at Aldi’s London champagne bar

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It just goes to show that supermarket and grocery retailers are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to promote their products,” said Mortimer.

What Is Visual Merchandising?

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This guide will explain visual merchandising and how to use it to promote your products. You could incorporate an interactive touch screen or promotional video into your retail display. Consumer products companies use visual merchandising to promote their goods in a retail space.

BBC reveals new logos in modernisation push


BBC One, Two and Four all incorporate the new logo while Bright adds that the “junctions between TV programmes will use updated designs, with simplified navigation menus, and promotional content” In a video displaying these junctions, the logos and icons animate alongside idents.

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Seven Key Technologies For Retailers In 2022 

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Hence, the creation of customer chatbots to promote better communication with customers. . They may also help improve customer experiences by maximizing store layouts and optimizing retail processes.

POP Display Examples

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POP displays are digital or physical promotions strategically placed where consumers make their buying decisions to advertise and sell a product and boost brand awareness. Depending on the shape, size and design, you can promote several different products with floor POP displays.

Beyond gender: How Lego’s push for ‘inclusive play’ reflects social change

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The Danish toy-maker said it will work closely with the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media and UNICEF as it seeks to promote more inclusive play, starting with its latest campaign ‘Ready for Girls’, which celebrates girls who rebuild the world through creative problem solving.

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The Click designs new East of England flagship brand Head East


Norwich-based design studio The Click has created a new brand identity to promote arts and culture in the East of England. It was also chosen for the layout.

How Malaysian department store Pavilion is connecting with customers

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It also means having a unique in-store experience with optimised store layouts, mall facilities, customer service and of course, safety measures.

The Importance of VM Theater


Not only do attractive windows help bring in new and existing customers, but they also allow retailers to increase foot traffic to the store, display new products, highlight promotions and enhance brand image. Once in the store, an excellent layout with good product merchandising is a must.

How Office Design Can Influence Employee Health And Wellness

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Sonaly Dudheker from Hendy explores how to bring it all together and create a space that promotes well-being, comfort, and happiness.

10 Ways To Maximize Wellbeing And Productivity Through Workplace Design

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Pops of red energize the Novità office and help to promote detail-oriented work. When designing the layout of a workspace, take into account sunlight. feet (intimate) promote a stronger connection between individuals.

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How Sensory Design Can Create Efficient Workplaces

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Workplace leaders should support this transition by creating environments that promote wellbeing, concentration, and creativity. In the 90s and early 2000s, workplaces shifted away from “cube farms” toward the more collaborative layout of open-plan desking, with limited collaborative spaces.

Shopper Missions: Critical Insights to Connect with Shoppers

Mike Anthony

You can’t plan promotions. Shopper missions are one of the most powerful concepts in consumer goods marketing. But they aren’t always used, and they are often misused.

How Design Can Create A More Compassionate Return To The Office

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Design wise, we adjusted our layout to maintain 3 feet distancing in the office. The focus on air quality has been ramped up—air quality has been promoted since the 90s, but people are now really focused on it, and this is a good thing.

Designing a Hybrid Office

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Flipping the workplace layout also makes sense for a hybrid workplace design. As office s reopen, it’s also important to eliminate the role of “face time” when it comes to promotions and opportunities.


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That said, stores have been using similar wayfinding tactics not only to promote social distancing, but to improve the shopper experience and lean into shoppers’ habits. As we look toward a post-COVID world, will layouts and aisles change to accommodate distancing between patrons?

The Rise of Coworking Spaces

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As a hybrid of the traditional and modern working setup, coworking spaces maintain the professionality and community-driven feel of the office environment while promoting the flexibility and freedom associated with freelance or remote careers.

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How Multifamily Design Can Inform The New Office

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While this concept has been incorporated into multifamily spaces for years, we are observing an influx of companies incorporating design elements, signage, and color palettes that promote company brand throughout their office spaces—whether they own the entire building or lease a small portion of it.

6 Things You Need for Retail-Ready Packaging

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Small details like the music played over the speakers and the layout of the shelves and clothing racks set the customer’s journey in motion, often unbeknownst to the consumer themselves.

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Necessity is the Mother of Invention … and Exploration


In less than two weeks, Steiner + Associates, in partnership with vendors, created a marketing plan, designed the space layout, installed electricity and sourced equipment and signage to bring the drive-in theatre concept to life.

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7 Ways to Create an Inviting Restaurant Atmosphere


Planning your seating layout should be the first step towards creating a memorable atmosphere. This gives you a chance to promote your brand and reach more people organically.