Sun.May 22, 2022

Coles launches plastic bags made from marine waste

Inside Retail

Coles supermarkets will roll out plastic bags made with 20 per cent marine waste and 80 per cent recycled plastic in stores across the country. The Marine Reusable Shopping Bag is made from recovered plastics from inland and ocean-feeding waterways, mainly in Malaysia.

Inspired by iconic Pringles hyperbolic paraboloid – this chair is more than meets the eye

Design Wanted

A skillful welder brilliantly designing one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture in Germany – Roi B crafts a ‘T-Cord Chair’ from 56 tension cords and a 60mm steel […].

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How to scale your e-commerce business

Inside Retail

Congratulations! So, you’ve managed to launch a successful e-commerce business. Now what? At EIZ, we know a thing or two about e-commerce. And that doesn’t just come from designing and developing technology solutions for the industry.

The Italian renowned marble company Budri presents a breakthrough technology

Design Wanted

Talking about sustainability in the world of natural stones is not easy. It is a material that comes to us from mother nature, impossible to produce […]. The post The Italian renowned marble company Budri presents a breakthrough technology appeared first on DesignWanted.

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Alquemie Group to launch National Geographic stores

Inside Retail

Apparel retailer Alquemie Group will launch a network of National Geographic apparel stores in Australia and New Zealand.

Why nobody speaks about Inditex growth levers? (part 1)

Fashion Retail

The Fashion Retailer has not accepted promotional or guest post since it was created in 2017. If it mentions fashion retailers, startups, or tech solutions, the main reason is describing best practices based on research and also more than 15 years of experience working for leading apparel brands.

How Australian designer Daniel Avakian is reimagining the runway

Inside Retail

During Afterpay Australian Fashion Week this year, prominent fashion designer Daniel Avakian’s Resort 2023 runway show was a stroke of genius. The stunning couture collection entwined with cult fiction sent a strong message to the industry: The future of fashion is physical and digital.

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Retailers urge new government to keep up promises

Inside Retail

Retailers are looking to the new Labor-led government for leadership in five key areas after voters on Saturday chose a new parliamentary lineup.

Stockholm Creative Edition 2022 is more than ‘just’ outstanding design projects

Design Wanted

Founded in 2021 by Ulrika & Philippe Attar of creative studio Atmosfär by Attar, Stockholm Creative Edition gives the design industry and general public an opportunity […].

A vote for change: Retailers react to federal election results

Inside Retail

Retailers are bracing for change following the Australian Labor Party’s victory in the federal election last weekend, where climate change and gender equality emerged as key issues for voters. .

Anthropologie, London

Retail Store Windows

We really do love how visual this brand are and the windows here always look so interesting. Even though there is probably a huge corporate structure behind the brand, what we love is how different the windows are from store to store.

5 practical lessons in fighting the global supply chain crisis

Inside Retail

By now, retailers know all too well that Covid-19 and supply-chain issues go hand in hand. Since the pandemic reared its head, we’ve seen cargo ships rerouted, entire countries wiped off theB delivery map, and estimated shipping times pushed back weeks or even months.

Is Retail Dead in 2022?

Retail Bound

As we rapidly approach the peak selling season for 2022, I thought it might be beneficial to take a quick look at where retail stores currently stand. Having recently reviewed some studies by the National Retail Federation (NRF), I discovered some interesting facts.

How Korea’s big 3 department stores are killing it right now

Inside Retail

First quarter results for calendar year 2022 are in for the three biggest Korean department store retailers, and the numbers are encouraging. Shinsegae, Lotte, and Hyundai account for the top nine department stores in the country (coming in at number 10 is Galleria’s high-end flagship in Seoul).

This piece of furniture effortlessly creates an image of lightness

Design Wanted

Driven by innate curiosity, Seattle-based industrial designer Harry Teng crafts a minimalistic piece of furniture inspired by the most fundamental way of metal fabrication – ‘Workman […]. The post This piece of furniture effortlessly creates an image of lightness appeared first on DesignWanted.

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Calvin Klein launches Pride campaign to celebrate LGBTQIA+ community

Inside Retail

Apparel label Calvin Klein has introduced its newest campaign This is Love to celebrate LGBTQIA+ community. The campaign contains a new collection of apparel, underwear and activewear featuring colours inspired by the Progress Pride Flag. .

Major US retailers sign charter to end racial bias in retail environments

Inside Retail

A collective of 28 major US retailers have pledged to reduce racially-biased interactions in retail environments as part of the Mitigate Racial Bias in Retail Charter. The charter was created from the key findings of Sephora’s Racial Bias in Retail study (2019).

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