Balancing Inventory: Making Friends With Retail Clearance Sales

The Retail Doctor

A sale is often a promotion of a specific brand or even a store-wide discount. What is the difference between clearance and a sale? Retail Sales retail clearance sales

The right formula? Promotion of toddler milk comes into question

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Australia’s consumer commission, the ACCC, is asking the government to consider the promotion of toddler formula as part of its review of the Marketing in Australia of Infant Formula (MAIF) Agreement later this year.


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Designing For The Next Generation

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“…Zoomers who never spend a day in the physical office are missing out on the benefits that personal contacts promote…” For many of us in older generations, working from home (WFH) is a relatively new concept brought on by the global pandemic restrictions.

Authentically Gen Z: The Values, Aspirations & Drivers That Will Re-Define The Future Of Work

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Virtual, In-Person & Hybrid Work: Balance is Key. When looking to attract and retain talent, organizations must consider what they can offer to encourage a healthy lifestyle, promote personal wellbeing, and maintain a strong work-life balance.

Biophilic Design Is Part Of The New Normal (And We’re Not Just Talking Office Plants)

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The scent of lemon, for example, is believed to promote concentration, and lavender helps control emotional stress. Design Biophilic Design Work-life Balance Workplace DesignPeople spend most of their time in manufactured spaces that are not always designed with wellbeing in mind.

Keep customers intrigued after Black Friday with these promotional tips

Firefly Store Solutions

Black Friday is a hectic yet opportune time for your business – according to The Balance, Thanksgiving and Black Friday are two of the busiest days for brick and mortar stores. No matter how you choose to promote your store, remember: This is the most wonderful time of the year.

The Commerce Shifts Giving Power to Consumers

Retail Focus

They want you to buy their product, and that means that they’ll never be able to give you a balanced perspective. Insight / PromotionalThe commerce industry never stays still for too long.


Promotion Tech

As we try to find a balance between reopening businesses and staying safe, the stakes have never been higher, as a very real consequence of COVID-19 is death. Post Pandemic Safety Measures.


Promotion Tech

Balance Between Safety and Commerce with PTG. Finding a balance between safety and commerce for both customers and employees alike as they enter your business is a constant challenge. What do your customers and employees expect as you safely reopen your business.

Managing organisational culture – beyond people skills

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For directors, CEOs and those interested in good governance there has been an important shift in the focus of regulators towards organisational culture. The importance of a healthy culture in organisations initially focused on managing risk and workplace health and safety.

Kogan profit falls 86 per cent on bloated inventory costs

Inside Retail

Kogan was forced to focus on promotional activity during the second half in order to clear out this excess inventory, which, combined with a higher cost of warehousing to store this inventory, led to the business’ second half and, ultimately it’s full year, being “impacted”.

Employers warned of impending resignation wave

Inside Retail

If a business doesn’t have the means or structure available to offer promotions at this time, they can set up a career development pathway for their staff,” Hattingh added.

Amid Rising Prices, Demand for Fair Prices is Rising Too

Retail Focus

To keep pace with the challenging retail environment and shoppers’ ever-changing behaviours, retailers are turning to science-driven and AI pricing and promotional strategies to not only help them navigate these rough, unpredictable waters, but to thrive.

Females to the front: Women retail leaders share insights from the top

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We give teams responsibility, promote from within and give permission to fail fast and fail forward, which leads to empowerment and realising what is possible.”. People don’t spend enough time talking about how incredibly hard it is to balance being a mum and a leader.

Opinion: There’s more to value than low prices

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Meanwhile, a global research study into the “future shopper” (Gen Z) contends that to stay relevant, businesses will increasingly have to balance “value and values”. Recognise and reveal the inherent merits of your brand, offer, and products…then package and promote them in interesting ways.

Five focus areas for achieving omnichannel success

Inside Retail

Pricing in a way that responds to price-matching dynamics and synchronises promotions across channels. Watch for pricing mistakes, understand price matching dynamics and synchronise promotions across channels.

REI Hires First Chief Commercial Officer


Cameron Janes joins the brand as Senior VP, Chief Commercial Officer, while Kelly Hall and Vivienne Long have been promoted to Executive VP, Chief Financial Officer, and Senior VP, CMO, respectively. Outdoor retailer REI (Sumner, Wash.)

Consumers are wise to ‘woke washing’ – so where does that leave you?

Inside Retail

Lego declared it would promote inclusive play and address harmful gender stereotypes with its toys. More recently, “ woke washing ” has seen brands promoting social issues without taking meaningful action.

Supply chain costs to impact profits

E Delevry

It said the costs focus on the additional promotional and clearance activity needed to clear excess inventory, as well as additional costs in the supply chain due to port disruption and extra handling at its warehouses.

Meet the brand that launched Aus Fashion Week’s first metaverse show

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We tell that story through a lot of symbolism, like the yin and yang which is about balance and equilibrium. We’re talking about the balance of the physical world and the digital world, how people spend time in each world.

Retail appointments of the week

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Luxury conglomerate LVMH has reportedly promoted Michael Schriver to group president of North Asia, where he will lead the company’s operations in China and South Korea, according to multiple media reports. Long-time Reebok president to join ABG leadership team.

10 Ways To Maximize Wellbeing And Productivity Through Workplace Design

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Choose analogous colors for a harmonious, monochromatic look, or complementary colors for a bold, balanced look, and triadic colors for a more energetic, personality-filled space. Pops of red energize the Novità office and help to promote detail-oriented work.

Color 95

Inside the rumoured death of physical stores and other predictions for 2022

Inside Retail

For balance, my next predictions are about what may happen with “physical stores” next year. My big question here is about balance. Even more traditional stores are using experiences as a centrepiece of how they promote their products.

Other 130

What Does It Take to Be a Successful Director of Operations?


Rather, they should “aggressively promote their top team members and present them with possibilities, even enabling them to move up into the operations manager job during vacations and trips.”. Ability to balance.

Analysis: Why Asia’s collectable toy market is only getting started

Inside Retail

Despite being reasonably new to the market, X11 quickly captured its young customers and distinguished itself from other players through innovative promotions and store designs that embrace futuristic themes and traditional architecture.

OPINION: The journey to carbon neutrality

E Delevry

Balancing act required. This is why we need a balancing act. The biggest challenge for retailers is balancing consumer expectations of rapid delivery times to international destinations, with the need to lower the carbon footprint of every parcel.

How retailers can boost loyalty in the zero-party era

Inside Retail

Their digital expectations have also risen exponentially, causing brands everywhere to face their biggest challenge yet – balancing customers’ desires for personalised interactions while fiercely protecting customer privacy. . We’ve been discussing the death of the cookie for a long time.

Music For Wellbeing & Optimal Health

Retailing Insight

W hen I was invited to discuss how the music industry promotes wellness, I saw a problem. It would have been a very short article, because promoting wellness simply isn’t a priority. The music industry does not promote Wellness in general.

ARA partners with Rest to tackle gender superannuation gap

Inside Retail

The gender super balance gap begins to open up when women reach their 30s, when they tend to take career breaks to have and care for children, and they often return to work earning less than what they did beforehand.”.

Losing Shoppers in the Economic Downturn – Why its not such a bad thing!

Mike Anthony

In simple terms shoppers balance a number of value factors and cost factors in every decision they make. In other words – you need to promote or drop prices to a point where these shoppers are prepared to buy. But the cost of promotions is typically high – higher than you think!

How merging data analytics and retail management can drive business value

Inside Retail

By developing decisions based on sound, sustainable analytics-based information, multinational retail consultancy Scalene Group is positively impacting product ranging, category space allocation, store network development and even promotional pricing for retailers spanning three continents.

Flexible Office Spaces: What Are the Benefits?

Parcel Pending

Flexible working promotes a healthy work -life balance as employees can set their own schedules to accommodate other obligations, such as doctors’ appointments and caring for family members (like children).

Space 52

RFG “cautiously optimistic” for business in 2022

Inside Retail

These have been tough and unavoidable trading conditions and we believe that hard-working franchise partners, strong brands and ongoing promotional support from RFG has kept the impact to a minimum and built a strong base for FY22.

The Great Resignation – 3 strategies to reduce the impact

Inside Retail

Remote work, flexibility and more workers, especially the younger cohort looking for work-life balance have created increased vacancies across many industries. And with confidence comes opportunities for growth and promotion.

Meet the new online outlet mall targeting Gen Z and millennial consumers

Inside Retail

From tactical promotions, to markdowns, to engineered lines – similar to what you might see in an outlet mall, for example – all the way through to clearance,” Seskin said. “If

Two for one: Why age diversity in the workplace is a good deal

Inside Retail

We know that hiring or promoting older workers is essential for multi-generational teams to be successful. For example, in the workplace, older employees may be overlooked for promotions if managers make generalisations and assume the employee will retire soon.

AI-driven solutions take supply chain planning to the next level

Inside Retail

The resulting improvements to demand forecasting and other supply chain issues provide greater supply chain visibility, which leads to space optimisation and more accurate strategies for stock allocation, workforce deployment, and promotion and markdown management.

How to Use Social Media for Small Business: 6 Simple Tips

Snap Retail

Having to research while balancing your part-time job and evolving your business is more than two full-time jobs. Promote your Content. The key to a good advertisement is to know your audience and promote quality content that represents your brand!

Welcome to the new customer experience

Inside Retail

In an era when opaque data-use policies have jeopardised customer trust, retailers are increasingly cognisant of balancing AI-powered personalisation with privacy.

Music For Wellbeing & Optimal Health

Retailing Insight

W hen I was invited to discuss how the music industry promotes wellness, I saw a problem. It would have been a very short article, because promoting wellness simply isn’t a priority. The music industry does not promote Wellness in general.

Just scratching the surface

Retail Focus

Strike the right balance. Meanwhile, Siobhán Gadiot, marketing manager at Armourcoat , said an impactful, beautiful surface finish not only helps promote the brand, but also creates a trustworthy, calm environment, making a memorable first impression and encouraging return customers.

Ethics and empathy: It’s time to go hard on soft measures

Inside Retail

The four Ps – product, price, place and promotion – have been the strategic marketing pillars of business for longer than even I’ve been in the game. Instead, it’s going to be up to your business to work out how to balance all this.

A Simple Machine: furniture designed to bring movement and momentum into static environments

Design Wanted

Most furniture designs that try to promote a more active sedentary lifestyle incorporate slow and externally powered technology, which is contradictory – © HeijltjesAkkaya.